Monday, March 5, 2007
I guess I have spoken enough about my love for beer. Now one thing you all know for sure is that you can't be filling your stomach with just a few pints of beer. Can you? So here I have a few easy recipes that anyone can prepare without much hassle for the ingredients are easily available at all local stores and the time taken to prepare the course is hardly more than a few minutes. Lastly but most importantly, most of the recipes that I have found for you to savor are Irish in spirit in order to perk up the festive mood.

Special Menu For Ye !
Wish your near and dear ones a feast of fun with this choice of yummy treats.

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Side dishes and appetizers - We all know that with drinking comes the need to serve some lil tid bits too. So that you have a good time nibbling oon these treats whilst enjoying your mug of beer.

Irish Brown Soda Bread: This turn-of-the-century traditional Irish bread uses baking soda instead of yeast for a foolproof recipe perfect for St. Paddy's Day. Rolled oats and sweet buttermilk enhance the flavors of this rustic bread.

Irish Soda Bannock: This delightful scone-type bread is studded with festive dried fruit, such as raisins or currants. A traditional favorite for St. Patrick's Day, it also makes for a fun Christmas treat for the kids.

Dinner Recipes - A hearty foodfare is all one can ask for on this quintessentially Irish festival. Here are a few easy recipes that you all can try out.

Dublin coddle: Every Irish granny has her own variation of this comfort dish. Potatoes, sausages and bacon -- all staples of Dublin coddle. What’s not to love?

Irish Chicken Stew with Dumplings: Nothing could be more comforting than a hearty homemade stew of shredded chicken and a medley of root vegetables, except, perhaps, if you threw in some delicious dumplings, which is exactly what we did.

Have a great time trying out these delightful recipes!

Drink And Be Merry !
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At March 8, 2007 at 8:27 AM, Blogger Mando Mama

Ohhhhh my goodness. These recipes. An excellent change of pace from our usual CBC. I can feel the bloat setting in already but it will be worth it.

Thanks fer sharin'. Your blog is great fun!