Thursday, March 13, 2008
With St Patricks just close at the hand it reminds me of some of the St Patricks Day songs -- Peggy O'Neal- with "Patter", With My Shillelagh Under Me Arm etc.

Invited For Wee Bit Fun... Invite your friends/family/dear ones to join you for some Paddy fun.
Join Me For Fun... Invite your friends/family/dear ones to go green and get jiggy with you on St. Patrick's Day.

Well did you spare some thoughts one the music of St Patrick's Day ecards? You can find loads of musical St Patrick's Day ecards over the net but not all can be your right pick! While choosing St Patrick's Day greetings and St Patrick's Day ecards, attention should be laid not only on how actually the St Patrick's Day ecards look like but also on the theme, content and music of the St Patrick's Day ecards.

May St. Patrick Guard You... Wish your near and dear ones the blessings of St. Patrick with this traditional Irish blessing.
Happiness And Blessings... A beautiful ecard to wish your loved ones the blessings of happiness and contentment on St. Patrick's Day and always.

Music is the soul of celebration. It adds spice to your celebration -- be it the St. Patrick's Day celebration or Easter. So while sending St Patrick's Day ecards to your loved buddies pick those free musical ecards that hold the true spirit of the celebration.

Bit Of Cheer, Pint Of Luck... Reach out to a friend/dear one on St. Patrick's Day with your wishes for good luck and good cheer.
A Leprechaun For Luck... Send lots of good luck to your dear ones with this wee willy leprechaun.
Luck Of The Irish Be With You... Send your wishes for good luck to greet a dear one throughout the journey of his/her life.
Luck, Health And Happiness... Send a wish with each leaf of the shamrock with this elegant ecard.


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Hi to all the my dearest St Patricks across the globe! Let's g green... And if you are counting down to Saint Patrick's Day, its just around the corner -- not even a week away! So it's the right time to plan for the St Patrick's Day celebrations and I'm sure you guys are almost done with your plans for St Patrick's Day.

Have you spare a thought on St Patrick's Day greetings and St Patricks Day ecards? Yes, this is an area that demands intense attention to be focused, if your want to steer clear of the possibilities of missing out friends wishing Happy St Patricks Day. That's what the case was for me on St Patrick's Day 2007!

I still remember the fine breezy morning of St Patrick's Day 2007. I started off the day with green tea and a couple of potato cake slices... sat before the computer to reach out to my pals across the miles with my St Patrick's day messages through some really cute free St. Patrick's Day ecards. It took me an hour and a half -- I remember -- to finish off sending happy St. Patrick's Day greeting cards to all my acquaintances that I could remember. But I missed out wishing father Mathew of community church of Boston, who I used to know since years.

What's harm in making a bit early start on preparing a list of your friends and acquaintances whom you don't want to miss showering with your heartfelt St Patrick's Day wishes. If you are staying away from your pals and acquaintances just send St Patrick's day greeting cards to them with your personal thoughts and let them find some extra green grains of St. Patrick's Day fun sprinkled into their St Patrick's Day celebrations.

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