Monday, March 12, 2007
Did you guys have a good weekend? I sure did! Only 6 days to go until St. Patrick's Day!
I'm going to continue with my series on favorite Irish drinks. Next up is Favorite Irish Drink # 8 and #7 -- check it out!

Favorite Irish Drink #8: Irish Coffee
Right after WWII, an Irish barman sought for a solution for the flagging spirits of transatlantic air passengers. What he did was combine a good shot of Irish whiskey plus a steaming hot strong black coffee. He topped it off with thick double cream poured over the back of a spoon. Thus the Irish Coffee was born.

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Favorite Irish Drink #7: Poitín
This is the most Irish of drinks and could be described as a neat spirit distilled from whatever was at hand. More specifically the word refers to a strong spirit (on par with German schnapps) made from potatoes. Produced for centuries in moonshine stills up and down the country by tax-conscious enthusiasts. Today poitín (or poteen) can be bought legally and with fewer associated health hazards in most off-licenses.

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