Friday, March 9, 2007

Hey folks, hope you guys are keeping well. Since St. Patrick's day is on the approach, I thought I'd do a series on the top ten Irish drinks you really should know. Now lets start off with Drink #10 – The Alcopops.

Favorite Irish Drink #10 : Alcopops

Alcopops are really popular with the young crowd. It's basically a mixture of water, sugar, food color, juice and strong alcohol. It's available in many many colors. It's also guaranteed to hasten your intoxication! It does this by masking the alcohol with all those flavors that are added. It's really popular among 15-16 year olds because they can easily get it. In Britain the two most popular brands are Hooper's Hooch and Two Dogs. Bacardi Breezer can be described as a milder form of alcopop.
Don't be fooled by the flavor though. It can give you a wicked headache the next day!

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Favorite Irish Drink #9 : Wine

You'd be surprised that the Irish also drink wine. But wind has become a popular drink with meals or on social occasions in Ireland. It's pretty expensive in Ireland and more affordable wines are on the lower scale both in terms of quality and taste.

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