Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Organizing a perfect party needs lots of preparation, days in advance. As green is the prevailing color of the day, starting from décor to attire to food, everything around must be in different shades of green that will help infuse the spirit of the occasion. Parties conventionally begin with the dispatch of invitations. Hand made invitations are made by cutting paper into shapes of shamrocks or leprechauns.

You could add spice to the party by deciding over a theme way ahead and informing all about it in the invitation. Themes could be different seasons of the year or dressing oneself as different Irish food items and so on. Use the color green in almost everything, starting from curtains to carpets to even the tablecloth that you lay to serve the delicious food. Include lots of greenery in your décor in the sense intersperse plenty of green plants among the beautiful flowers, with all arranged in ornate earthen pots that collectively look attractive as centre pieces. The next thing in the party is to make arrangements for entertainment. Have a collection of CDs that play Irish music.

Last but not the least is deciding upon a menu and ensuring that the items that feature on the menu are quintessentially Irish such as corned beef and cabbages or Irish stew and baked potatoes. Serve your guests with Irish blend tea and kids with green milkshakes and then raise a toast to Irish beer or Irish coffee to commemorate the day to the holy Saint.

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