Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Children have their share of fun on this auspicious occasion by indulging in all kinds of fun activities. Adults make effort to spruce up their home or neighborhood and give it a festive look with all things that remind one of the Emerald Isle. Creative minds huddle together to craft beautiful décor items that add shimmer to this holy Irish festival. Try your hands with some of these innovative craft ideas that make use of simple homely stuff to weave magical creations out of it.

Pot of Gold Craft:

Materials needed - Paper Plate, Toilet Tissue or Paper Towel Roll, Glue and Paint.

Instructions – Firstly cut the toilet tissue or paper towel roll to a height of about 2 inches and paint it black. Cut the paper plate in half and then cut out an arc shape from the outside edge of the paper plate. One has to ensure that the end of the arc can fit into the hole in the painted toilet tissue roll. The arc now needs to be painted with bright colors so that it has an appeal of a rainbow. Once the paint dries, slide one end of the rainbow into the black toilet tissue roll and glue it in place. Wow ! Now you have a beautiful, colorful pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. To make the pot look more attractive one can sprinkle gold glitter or sequins with the help of glue.

Shamrock Pin:

Materials needed - Construction Paper, Glue, Acrylic Sealer Spray and Pin Backing.

Instructions – Cut out 20 clover shapes for each pin. Use different shades of green to color these cut outs to create a wonderful effect. Glue all the shamrock cutouts on top of each other with the edges lining up as evenly as possible. This will form a stack of shamrocks. Different colors will lead to different colors along the side of the stack. Once the glue is dry, the shamrock stack needs to be sprayed with a few coats of acrylic sealer. The acrylic sealer will make it shine bright as well as make it more durable. Once the sealer dries up, using tacky glue or hot glue gun, glue the pin back in place. You can adorn it with sequins or glitters and then flaunt it around over your coat or dress. It can also serve as a great token to welcome your guests at home.

These groovy craft items can truly act as fascinating decorative pieces to bedeck one’s home on St. Patrick’s Day.

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