Monday, February 19, 2007
This religious holiday has a few important custom and traditions associated with it. First and foremost, is the custom of wearing green and drinking green beer. As it falls after the fasting season of Lent, there is grand scale feasting which conventionally includes corned beef and cabbage, replacing the traditional treat of boiled bacon. After the special dinner many would go to a ‘caeli’, the Irish dance party.

At the end of the night of festivity and jubilation, the last rite that is performed is the ‘drowning of the shamrock’. The leaf that was so long flaunted on one’s cap or coat, is plunged into the bottom of the last glass of beer. After raising a toast to one’s health, when the glass of beer would be consumed, the shamrock would be taken out and thrown over the left shoulder to welcome good luck into one’s life. Again, in some parts of Southern Ireland, a cross was marked with the end of a burnt stick on the sleeve of each person at the gathering. Kissing of the Blarney stone on St. Patrick’s Day is also another important part of the custom.

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