Friday, February 16, 2007
There are interesting legends revolving around each of these symbols. Shamrock is regarded as the national emblem of Ireland because of the legend that St. Patrick had used it to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity: that God exists in three forms– Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Since then the Irish have considered it to be a good-luck symbol that ushers in good fortune, most people flaunt these by wearing them on their coats and hats on this Saint Patricks day.

It's St. Patrick's Day ! What better way to celebrate it than by wearing shamrocks for a wee bit o' luck ? St. Patrick used them to explain the concept of holy Trinity. Send our St. Patrick's Day Shamrock ecards to wish your friends/ family/ dear ones happiness, good health and good luck. Click on these wonderful ecards and wish them a shamrockin' special day.

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Shamrockin' St. Patrick's Day !
Wish your friends/ family/ dear ones a fun-filled St. Patrick's Day with this cute Shamrock ecard.

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For Each Petal On The Shamrock...
Greet your near and dear ones on St. Patrick's Day with this beautiful thought.

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Shamrockin' Fun To Ye !
A cool and cute ecard to wish your friends/ family/ dear ones a fun kinda St. Patrick's Day.

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