Saturday, February 10, 2007
It's St. Patrick's Day, so Go ahead and splash on the Green - it's March 17 again, and you know what St. Patrick's Day brings - just loads of shamrocks, for that's the most popular symbol of St. Patrick's Day, and everything Irish, for that's what St. Patrick's Day celebrates !

Green is the 'Emerald' Isle's national color, so St. Patrick's Day celebrations do actually go green! So go 'wild' get the green on everything you can think of.

If you're having a St. Patrick's Day party at your place, first get the green streamers and balloons. Shamrock-shaped balloons are available, so if you can get your hands on some, do so !

For St. Patrick's Day, here are some things you can use to decorate with:

1. Green ornaments for the walls: You can get a whole lot of St. Patrick's Day symbols to put up on the walls; you can even make them yourself. You can use all or any of these:
i. Shamrocks
ii. Shillelaghs
iii. Leprechaun paper chain (green)
iv. Simple green paper chains
v. A nice big rainbow (and a pot of gold at the end of it)
vi. Celtic St. Patrick crosses

2. St. Patrick's Day Mobiles and hanging decorations

3. St. Patrick's Day curtains (blinds) made from chains of St. Patrick's Day symbols

4. A St. Patrick's Day Wreath for the door

5. Table Decorations for St. Patrick's Day: St. Patrick's Day Placemats, napkins, napkin holders, etc.

For St. Patrick's Day, green is what's 'in', so you won't go wrong if you just stay with green for the basic color.

More Ideas

For a livelier celebration on St. Patrick's Day, you can have green cutlery, tableware, and glassware, and make sure that at least one item on the menu on March 17 IS Green.

Get a wall-plaque with an Irish Blessing to crown your decorating on St. Patrick's Day.

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