Thursday, February 22, 2007
They say that you cannot take an Irish away from his beer. If this so, then take a look at this excerpt that I found here -

Drinking of beer, green and otherwise is definitely part of the rituals involved with this holiday. There is more beer consumed in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day that there is on any other day of the year. This may well be because of St. Patrick’s Pagan based practice of honoring Brigid with “poteen,” which is an Irish beer made from potatoes. St. Patrick, by the way, is also credited as bringing the art of distillery to Ireland.

As far as green beer goes, it wasn’t until the Irish settled in Boston, and faced immense discrimination that they chose to show their Irish pride by using the color green for all things Irish. Thus began the all American traditions of green beer and the wearing of the green.

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