Wednesday, March 14, 2007

St Patrick's Day is only 2 days away! Let me just go ahead and continue with the favorite Irish Drink series....

Favorite Irish Drink # 4: Cider

Brewed from apples this alcoholic drink has become very popular in recent years and is drunk by the pint like beers. Its often higher alcohol content makes it also more "effective" than most beers, while being served ice-cold as a refreshing drink. Drinkers beware! The most popular Irish cider is Bulmer's, named (for trademark reasons) Magner's in Northern Ireland.

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Favorite Irish Drink # 3: Non-Guinness Beers

The Irish love their beers - every pub will serve a wide variety on draft or in bottles. Popular Irish beers are Murphy's Stout, Kilkenny and Smithwick's. English and Scottish "lagers" are preferred by the less discerning drinker in a hurry. Popular overseas brands include the Australian Foster's, the ubiquitous Bud Light, Mexican Sol and a variety of Dutch and German lagers. And any off-license (liquor store) will provide East European, Indian, Chinese and Japanese brands.

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