Monday, February 25, 2008
St. Patrick's Day is an Irish event that we tend to celebrate with spirit full to the brink. Why can't we be full fledged Irish just for one day in a year? How's the ideas? Now you may wonder how to be Irish -- I'm sure! Yes, its possible to spread the aura of the festival -- St. Patrick's Day in an awesome way. All you need to do is to study a bit on Irish heritage of celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Start off your plan with the St. Patrick's Day decoration. It's always wise to have an early start on St. Patrick's Day planning -- especially when it comes to St. Patrick's Day decoration. Let the artist within you come out with some great artistic do-it-yourself ideas for St. Patrick's Day decoration.

Well start off with gathering St. Patrick's Day decor that are Irish green. That's the best and easiest way to come up with Irish fervor to your St. Patrick's Day decoration.

POT 'O GOLD - All you need for this are gold or black construction paper and readymade small pots. Decorate the pots with gold glitter and coins cut from gold foil. This can be an awesome decor for your St. Patrick's Day party floor.

LUCKY CLOVER - Lucky clover can make another great St. Patrick's Day decor if crafted properly. Cut the clover in proper shapes and sizes out of green construction paper. You can have cardboard patterns to get the proper shape. you can also use these shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day games -- a lot you can find over the net.

LEPRECHAUNS - Buy some cute leprechauns figurines to give an added Irish fervor. You can get a comparatively bigger leprechauns (of 3 ft tall) leprechauns to be placed at the center of your St. Patrick's Day party floor.

BLARNEY STONE - Use artificial blarney stones to decorate your wall. This would give a special effect to your St. Patrick's Day decoration.


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