Saturday, March 15, 2008
Just a few more hours for the St Patricks Day bell to toll! Just can't imagine...
Right when the world is getting decked out in green, wish your pals and dear ones who stay far away with these cute and thoughtful
St Patrick's Day greetings. Check out these cool St Patrick's Day greetings thumbs and click on those and get yourself redirected to wonderful St Patrick's Day greetings page. Send these St Patricks Day ecards and see the magic!

Happy St Patricks Day Greetings

A Jig To Wish Ya... Go green and get jiggy with this groovy St. Patrick's Day ecard.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Wish your near and dear ones on St. Patrick's Day with this cute card.

May Your Wishes Come True... Make your dear ones' St. Patrick's Day a special one with this beautiful ecard.
Top Of The Morn To You! Make this a perfect St. Pat's Day for your loved ones. Send them this cute ecard.

Thinking Of You... Send this ecard to spread the spirit of green and to send your St. Patrick's Day wishes.
Pot Of Gold, Top Of Luck... Make this St. Patrick's Day special for your near and dear ones with this warm and cute ecard.

Bit Of Irish Luck... Send a wee bit of luck and a whole lot of cheer with this cute ecard.
Pot Full Of Wishes... Spread some Irish cheer on St. Patrick's Day with smiling shamrocks and a wee willy leprechaun.

Greeting Card Friendship -- St. Patrick's Day Greetings

Every Hour A Happy Hour! A wee bit o' fun and a whole lotta good wishes that yer friend will love!
A Friend Is A Treasure! Say to your friend how lucky you felt to have found him/her!

Good Times, Good Friends! Tell your friend that anytime shared together is good times.
Irish Blessing With A Twist! Reach out to your friend with a warm Irish blessing and top it off with a wish filled with a pint of cheer!

Green And Beer It! When you've got an enduring friendship, you can pull your friend's leg and get away with it! Do so and say a hearty cheers too with this card!
St. Pat's Day And Friendship! Your friendship is filled with happy hours! Celebrate it with this fun ecard!

Cheers To Friendship! Raise a fun toast for your friend!
A Charming Friend! Snake oops, sneak a fun wish in your friend's inbox! He/she will find it charming!

Friends Are Like Four Leaf Clovers... Got a friend who's rare and true? Say so by comparing him/her to a four leaf clover on St. Pat's Day.
Pint Of Cheer And Smiles! Send some Paddy magic to pals with whom you share lots of good times.

Lucky Me To Be Your Friend! Send lots of good wishes to your friend and say how lucky you are having him/her in your life.
Me Irish Luck... Do you thank your luck for having a special friend? Tell him/her so with these wee willy leprechauns.

Lucky Me! Say how lucky you are to be someone's friend and wish that your friendship keeps growing.
Our Friendship Rocks! Make your friends go green and get jiggy with this groovy St. Pat's Day ecard.

Pure And Rare... Tell your friend how special he/she is on St. Patrick's Day with this heartfelt wish.
Miles Apart But Never Smiles Apart! Bridge the distance! Share a smile across the miles with your friend!

Good Luck Wish - St. Patrick's Day Ecards

Bit Of Cheer, Pint Of Luck... Reach out to a friend/dear one on St. Patrick's Day with your wishes for good luck and good cheer.

A Leprechaun For Luck... Send lots of good luck to your dear ones with this wee willy leprechaun.

Luck Of The Irish Be With You... Send your wishes for good luck to greet a dear one throughout the journey of his/her life.

Luck, Health And Happiness... Send a wish with each leaf of the shamrock with this elegant ecard.

May Good Luck Be With You! Wherever they go and in whatever they do, wish good luck to be with your dear ones their whole life through.

May All The Shamrocks... Reach out to your dear ones with a thought that each shamrock fulfills their wishes on St. Patrick's Day and always.

Irish Luck Be With You... A bright and beautiful card to wish your friends/family/near and dear ones the luck of the Irish.

May Blessings Outnumber Shamrocks... An elegant ecard to wish your near and dear ones blessings on St. Patrick's Day and always.

Blessings -- St Patrick's Greetings

Each Petal On The Shamrock... Send the blessings of happiness, good health and good luck with each petal of a shamrock.

Happiness And Blessings... A beautiful ecard to wish your loved ones the blessings of happiness and contentment on St. Patrick's Day and always.

May St. Patrick Guard You... Wish your near and dear ones the blessings of St. Patrick with this traditional Irish blessing.

May Your Blessings Be More... Send a wonderful Irish blessing with this beautiful ecard.

Love, Luck, Laughter... Send your St. Patrick's Day wishes with this cute bear and make the day a special one for your loved ones.

Leprechauns And Angels... A warm greeting and a traditional Irish blessing for folks you care about.

Choicest Blessings Of St. Patrick... Wish your near and dear ones the finest blessings of St. Patrick.

Irish Blessing! Just right for someone who is like a blessing in your life. Could be your friend, family member, spouse... or anyone special.

Good Luck Blessing! Send good luck and good wishes to your friends and loved ones!

Beauty Of The Emerald Isle... Celebrate the beauty of the Emerald Isle on St. Patrick's Day.

Blessings Of St. Patrick... Share the beauty of the Emerald Isle and wish folks the blessings of St. Patrick with this beautiful ecard.

Loving Protection And Blessings... Wish your near and dear ones the blessings of St. Patrick with this elegant ecard.

Peace, Plenty And Good Luck! Send your wishes and blessings on St. Patrick's Day with this cute card.

Rich In Blessings! Looking to wish someone with a humorous message? Let our leprechaun do the magic with a fun Irish blessing.

Thank You ecards -- St Patricks Day Ecards

Thank You For Your Wish... Send your post St. Patrick's Day thanks with this cute ecard.
Pot Full Of Thanks! Thank your dear ones for making your St. Pat's Day special and wish them lots of luck in the days to come.

Thank Ye... Say thanks to a dear one for his/her St. Pat's Day wishes with this green and jiggy shamrock.
For A Wonderful St. Pat's Day... Extend your thanks to all those who made your St. Pat's Day a special one.

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