Friday, March 7, 2008
This is all about about how to sprinkle some green grains of fun on St Patricks Day! My first tips is just go green, go silly and go beyond the general norms of life... as simple as this. Wondering how? Very simple! Think green and nothing more, when it comes to St Patricks Day decoration.

Just take off those Valentine's Day red, white and pink ideas and put up the cutouts of green Shamrock and look for some leprechauns décor. Don't forget to get some green mylar shamrock balloons to decorate the party floor. A Midium big stone mentioning "KISS THIS BLARNEY STONE FOR GOOD LUCK", placed right at the entrance of your party floor is going to add a special fervor to your St Patricks Day party.

Dinner Table
In the middle of the party floor place a table of green munchies. Don't forget to place green tablecloths, green napkins and preferably green crockeries on the table. Sprinkling some yummy shamrock confetti on the tables would just be great.

Fun Filled Contest

Its a real great idea to arrange for a fun filled limerick contest, right after the food and drinks. Plan for some silly but cute little gift for the winner.

St Patricks Day Songs and Movies
Play a series of classic Irish pub songs in the party and let your guests waltz around in joy! If you are planning for some movies, pick some of the horror movie DVDs "Leprechaun" and have them played on your TV.

Thank You Note
A Thank you note written in any old English font in the form of a beautiful poem may be a good St Patricks Day party favor. This way you can strike your guests with delight at the end of the show.

You Are My Treasure! Make your sweetheart/beloved/spouse feel special with this warm St. Patrick's Day wish.
My True Love... You! Make your sweetheart feel on top of the world on St. Patrick's Day with this romantic ecard.
Hugs And Kisses For You! Send lots of hugs and kisses to your sweetheart with this cute St. Patrick's Day ecard.
Love You So Mooch! Send a sweet smooch and wish your sweetheart a Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Luck Brought Us Together! Melt your beloved's heart on St. Patrick's Day with this warm and cute card.
Lucky To Have You In My Life! Tell your sweetheart/spouse how lucky you are to have him/her in your life with this touching St. Patrick's Day ecard.
Lucky Me! Say how lucky you feel to have your sweetheart by your side!
I Love You! A beautiful wish to make your sweetheart's St. Patrick's Day more special!


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